Niche fiscale by sisters


We are the Union of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a Catholic religious Congregation founded by Nano Nagle and dedicated to the mission of Jesusand also speak about tax exemption (niche fiscale). As Presentation Sisters, we are called to follow Christ in the spirit of Nano Nagle, bringing the good news to the poor by promoting God's kingdom of truth and goodness, justice, love and peace. As companions of Nano Nagle, a heroic woman who pioneered radical Catholic education in eighteenth century Ireland, we share her charism today throughout the world and law for tax loopholes (check niche fiscale definition)...

Our Congregational Gathering 2012 took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Conference Centre of the Society of African Missions (SMA) in Dromantine, Northern Ireland. The journey to this sacred place stemmed from over two years of reflecting together on our lived experience in the light of the Gospel and direction of the Congregation but you can also check our state and how use better tax exemption (niche fiscal in french). Reflecting on our shared story we became more aware that our journey as a Congregation to this moment in time is held within the unfolding Mystery of God’s love.

Our sisters presents the niche fiscale


At Dromantine we experienced great life and energy. We were blessed during our time together by enriching and challenging input from various speakers, our own sharing, dialogue and discernment, rituals and times of stillness not to mention all the hard work.

Focus on our sisters

Our experience of the Mystery of Oneness was further strengthened by the support, prayers and blessings we received from our Sisters and Friends all over the world and our Gathering on the Open Day. We were delighted that through the wonder of modern communication many more people from across the globe had an opportunity to journey with us.

Mytery of love

During the first two weeks of our Gathering we focussed on our Constitutions and Directives Our Way of Life. The text that we engaged with was the fruit of much prayer, reflection and sharing which involved all the sisters in the Congregation. While the work was painstaking and detailed there was a real sense of being faithful to our founding charism and mission like tax exemption (for french, niche fiscale). As we embrace anew Our Way of Life, may we be inspired to an ever deeper commitment to embody the Mystery of Love in the living of our consecrated life.

Congregational Gathering 2012

Our Direction Statement emerged from our reflection and sharing on Our Way of Life, and our deepening experience of the Spirituality of being in Communion. It gives a particular focus for our life, especially during the next six years to have a correct tax exemption. The Direction calls us to greater fidelity to our charism, and invites us to continue our pilgrim journey rooted in the Mystery of God. To read our Direction Statement.

Our way

Our Way of Life expresses our yearning for union with the Living God, present in the mystery of the unfolding of Creation, in its magnificence, beauty and wonder, as well as in its darkness, pain and woundedness. But you can come to our church to speak about tax loopholes. We are called to awaken to the Spirit of God present and active in all that exists, to a spirituality of being in communion, and to participate in the universal mission of Jesus Christ.

Congregational Gathering in 2006

At our Congregational Gathering in 2006, we reflected on our life and mission as a Congregation and our call into the future. This reflection led us to a new consciousness of our inter­connectedness and our interdependence. Aware that 'we stand at a critical moment in Earth's history' we encourage each other to respond wholeheartedly in the spirit of Nano Nagle to the following commitments, as a way of living our Christian and Presentation calling in today's world. We commit ourselves to a spirituality of being in communion that seeks God in the inter-connectedness of the whole of creation and empowers active love for self, others and all of nature.

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